Legal Opinion

Legal Opinion

A Legal Opinion is a document that is written and approved by a registered legal practitioner. It is sought when there is a legal issue and the client wants a detailed analysis of the issue with advice. It is a guide that can be used by the client to take legal action, enter into negotiations go ahead with a transaction, etc.

When to go for a legal opinion?

The instances listed below include some but not all circumstances in which legal opinion is useful. If you feel that you need a legal opinion on a subject not mentioned below, do contact us and we will guide you accordingly after consulting with our team of experts. Some of the issues do not need a formal legal opinion and legal advice can solve the same.

Legal Review for property purchase

Cross Border Transactions

In modern times, there are several cross-border transactions (i.e. transactions between two countries or two states which have a different set of laws). In such transactions, it is not always clear if the transaction is valid as per the law of both places. In addition to this, even if a transaction is valid, there can be doubts about its implementation. In such a scenario, legal opinion is extremely useful as it can help the parties to proceed forward with the transaction accordingly. The transactions may involve a huge sum of money compared to which the fee for a legal opinion is minimal. However, if anything goes wrong in the transaction, it could lead to heavy losses for both parties. Therefore, it is suggested to go for legal opinion particularly when entering into cross-border transactions.

Succession of Property after death

In case an Indian citizen is domiciled abroad and dies on foreign land, the laws governing the succession of their property can vary as per the Indian law and the law of the country they reside in. This is an example of conflict of laws, where different jurisdictions have a different set of rules for the same cause. Legal opinion helps in resolving such issues and can also be produced before the necessary authorities to claim the property.

Filing of taxes

When an individual or an entity is filing taxes, there is a possibility that certain doubts may arise as to which category of income the taxes should be filed under or what are the deductions that can be made. A legal opinion will provide you with a classification of your income under different heads and also provide you with the deductions you can avail. If there is more than one way to file the taxes, the opinion will include all the possible ways you can file it and also recommend the best way. For such an opinion a tax lawyer and a Chartered Opinion work together to frame the opinion to ensure that the client can obtain maximum benefit from the same.

Entering into contracts

When entering into a new contract, a legal opinion can be sought to understand the terms of the contract and their implications. The language mentioned in a contract can be ambiguous and can be interpreted in a way that is disadvantageous to one of the parties to the contract. A legal opinion can help avoid this by explaining the possible implications of the contract and providing suggestions as to what course of action can be taken.

Why is it useful?

The parties get an opinion from a registered lawyer who specializes in the particular field of law. This helps them to understand the issues involved in detail, potential solutions and their implications depending upon the nature of the transaction. In case a transaction goes wrong, it can lead to great economic losses for the party. Legal opinion can help you avoid that at a fraction of the cost of the transaction.

Why choose AllSolPro for Legal Opinions?

  • We have a dedicated team of qualified legal experts specializing in various fields who will provide you with authentic legal opinions.
  • The final document undergoes a thorough review process before it is delivered to the client.
  • We maintain complete confidentiality – The information you provide to us stays secure and is not shared with any third party without your consent.
  • Quick turnaround time and commitment to deadlines.
  • Compensation for any delay caused on our end.
  • Efficient and responsive customer service.


The charges for the Legal Review depend upon the needs of the client and the nature of the issue or transaction involved. The charges shall be reasonable and competitive. The detailed charges will be provided to the client once the issue has been understood by our team.


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Working with All Solutions Professionals has been a wonderful experience. Their quick turnaround time and accurate legal research has helped me progress in my professional career.

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I was very apprehensive about purchasing a new property from a builder in Punjab. I had seen a lot of people who got into legal issues after buying property at a cheaper price. All Solutions Professionals carried out a proper review process, procured all the legal documents which allowed me to carry out the purchase easily without fear.

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