Legal Advice

Legal Advice

Legal Advice is the professional opinion of a lawyer to a client where the lawyer advises the client of the possible actions that can be taken in accordance with the law in any given situation. This can be obtained in a written form by obtaining a Legal Opinion or in an informal manner through Legal Advice.

Some Situation in which people go for legal advice 

Non-payment of rent by tenant.

Non-payment of salary by the employer.

Receiving a defective product online

Family disputes regarding property

Violation of a contract by one party

Harassment or abuse in person or over the internet

The above situations are ones where the aggrieved party has been wronged and seeks a legal action to remedy it. In addition to this, legal advice may also be required in the following situations:

Incorporation of a new company

Purchase of property

Entering into a new contract

Drafting of a will

Filing of taxes

Entering into a partnership

These situations are such when the parties want to ensure compliance and make sure that they are not being cheated or consenting to something which could be harmful for them in the near future.

Why is it useful?

In all of the above-listed circumstances and other similar situations, it is beneficial to obtain legal advice from a registered practitioner as they assist you in understanding the situation in detail, provide the possible course of actions and their implications. This can prevent the parties involved from suffering harm or help them seek remedy for the harm suffered.

Why choose All Sol Pro for Legal Advice?

  • We have a dedicated team of qualified legal experts specializing in various fields who will provide you with proper legal advice as per your issue.
  • In case, the issue involves more than one specialization of law, we ensure that the advice is the joint work of lawyers who specialize in the particular field. This will aid in getting the most accurate opinion.
  • We maintain complete confidentiality – The information you provide to us stays secure and is not shared with any third party without your consent.
  • No charges for the first consultation.
  • Efficient and responsive customer service.


There will be no charges for the first consultation. It will be focussed on understanding the issues of the client and providing them with a solution. In case, the client wants to obtain further advice, the charges will be based upon the needs of the client and the nature of the issue or transaction involved. The detailed charges will be provided to the client once the issue has been understood by our team.


What People Are Saying

I was very apprehensive about purchasing a new property from a builder in Punjab. I had seen a lot of people who got into legal issues after buying property at a cheaper price. All Solutions Professionals carried out a proper review process, procured all the legal documents which allowed me to carry out the purchase easily without fear.

Joginder Singh

I had purchased earphones from Apple which stopped functioning soon after. I was not able to take Customer Service due to Covid in the warranty period and the company wanted to charge me for the repair services. All Solutions Professionals helped me to get a new pair of Earphones from Apple without paying any charges and without any legal proceedings. I recommend them for any consumer issues.

Rakesh Verma

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